A brief description of Compassion Coalition's  Training Opportunities


Bridges Out of Poverty -  1 Day

This workshop helps churches, community organizations and businesses better understand what it is like to live in poverty and gives you tools to assist those in our community who are struggling.

$25 for Members

$100 for Non-Members


Cost of Poverty Experience / COPE

The Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) offers a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in the community. It is a snapshot of obstacles that are faced, the decisions that are made, and the consequences that impact these families every day. For those of us who do not fall into the poverty category, we most likely have a very difficult time truly understanding what life is like for those who do. If you would like to schedule a COPE for your businesses, church, non-profit, school, or other group click here for more information.


Faith and Finances:

Faith & Finances is a 12-session class for low-income or financially vulnerable adults. Each 90-minute session is designed to help those who struggle to manage their money and overcome real-world pitfalls on the path to financial health. 


Frontline Series


Frontline 1: Responding to Requests for Assistance

It happens to everyone, with more and more frequency, someone asks you, "Can you help me?" How do you respond to requests for assistance? Not sure? Whether you work in church benevolence, volunteer or are just out in your community, this workshop can help you. It covers topics such as developing a process to help and not enable, how to verify circumstances, when ‘No’ is appropriate, the role of the Church, and the top 10 best practices.

Free for Members

$50 each for Non-Members


Frontline 2:  New Strategies for a Strong Benevolence Team

This three-hour workshop walks benevolence staff and volunteers through the process of building a team at their church to handle benevolence requests. 

Free for Members

$50 each for Non-Members


Frontline 3: Understanding Community Resources 

(Speakers and Topics Vary Each Time)

This workshop provides connections to resources and how to make referrals. Each quarterly workshop focuses on a different point of pain in our city. Social service agencies speak and offer pamphlets on community resources.

Free for Members

$15 each for Non-Members


Frontline 4: Mentoring & Relationship Building

This workshop contains tried and true best practices, tips, and practical applications to further equip you to ‘go deep’ in a relationship with those you serve, navigating the typical relational challenges and avoiding pitfalls.

Free for Members

$50 each for Non-Members



Frontline 5: Caring for Our Neighbors

A 3-part small group study customized to fit your church or organization, equipping you to better serve those around you.

Free for Members

$500 for Non-Members


Getting Ahead In a Just Getting By World Classes:

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By World is a step-by-step process for low-income people who live in poverty, giving individuals the opportunity to investigate their lives on their own terms. During sixteen 2-hour sessions, Getting Ahead participants, discover why they are in their situation, develop a plan to get themselves to a more stable life, and begin to build relationships that will help ensure sustainability as they go.


Getting Ahead In a Just Getting By World FACILITATOR TRAINING:

Are you interested in starting a Getting Ahead class at your church? Do you work with people who would benefit from these classes? Click the link above to learn more.

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