Connection Point Call Center

    Since 2004, the Connection Point Call Center has received calls from churches, social service agencies, and individuals in need. We listen to their story, gather information, verify and connect them to resources in the community.

    God has challenged us to emphasize long-term relationship over temporary relief. As a result, we are implementing a variety of best practices for walking with individuals and families in the community.

    Our emphasis is to empower our churches to build relationships instead of simply helping people manage their poverty. Many of these families are working hard to change their lives, yet remain overwhelmed with the many barriers they face to move forward.

    After assessment and verification, Compassion Coalition volunteers will request church involvement as appropriate. Additional focus on building relationships for change include offering more Getting Ahead classes, Faith & Finance classes, Circles of Support mentors, financial coaches, and teams from churches to meet non-financial needs.

“Each time we offer the poor a band-aid, we simply cover the problem, and delay the slow work towards a just, permanent solution.”  -Craig Greenfield

Making Referrals to Connection Point

    If you make a referral, be mindful that Connection Point exists to assess each individual situation and make connections to organizations and churches that will make a difference in their lives.

    Our role is not to provide direct financial assistance, an important point which should be explained to the person in need when the referral is made to Connection Point. Of course, there will be situations where a little bit of financial relief is necessary, especially for those who are disabled or elderly. In these cases, we will make referrals to organizations that do provide direct financial assistance and request church involvement when appropriate.

Click here to access our referral form.

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